September 2022


Richard here. Michele has some technical problems with her computer, which means she currently can’t write this month’s news updates. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. If not, we’ll be back in October. In the meantime, look out for the fortnightly videos on the official YouTube channel, beginning again on September the 9th with a recently discovered clip from a long thought-lost  Roy Castle Show, with rare material from The Russ Conway show and It’s Tarbuck coming soon!

 August 2022

Richard here again. whilst Michele is away on the high seas once more telling her father’s story.  Sorry for the slightly late news this month. I’ve been away in Guildford working for EYSM – European Youth Summer Music – a summer school for talented musicians from across the world where they are given the chance to be tutored and work with top class musicians – I was there in a technical capacity, not as a world class musician I should add! Only downside – The internet was a bit rubbish, so this had to wait until my return home.


As some of you may have seen, we have momentarily paused the video uploads on YouTube as we search out more and do a bit of clean up on some recent finds.  After the disappointment (or in Michele’s case heartbreak) of Kaleidoscope and the estate  being scammed by someone claiming to have two lost TV shows last year, it’s great to share some news of recent finds in the ITV archives – Two of which i’ll share with you now, The third will have to wait until we’ve seen a copy ourselves.

Firstly there is “It’s Tarbuck” from 1971. A show featuring Jimmy Tarbuck and regular guest Kenny Lynch. We kept being told that this “might” exist at ITV for about 10 years. It was only about 9 or 10 months ago that it’s existence was confirmed. Matt appears singing in the show, plus taking part in a couple of sketches and a long skit set up like a western, but describes instead as a “Northern” – Everyone including Matt playing their parts in appalling Yorkshire accents. At the moment, we only have the rights to show the song, as getting permission from other artists or estates can be difficult. 

Perhaps more excitingly is a very early appearance on a TV show to promote “Portrait of My Love” Thsi comes from 1961’s Russ Conway Show, where he sings two songs. This show was (as was the complete series) found mislabelled at the archives by Tim Disney and we are very grateful for his help.

The third show was found only weeks ago. We are waiting with bated breath to see it!

Hopefully you will find out what that is next month.

The McDonalds campaign you can see below is now over:- 

Unfortunately the final week seemed to mainly consist of a shortened version without Matt’s vocal.

No news yet on the final set of Capitol downloads which will consist of a 9th album, never released in digital form before, alongside all the rest of the Capitol tracks both Spanish and English – Rarities and out takes. Plus one very special unheard version of a very well known song, thought to have been lost many years ago. 

Another set – which has so far taken the rights owners of the material 16 months to clear the rights to, Hopefully not too long before i can get to work on that!

A recap on the Capitol digital re-issues below.

This is The Life (1966) – Available in Stereo for the first time digitally. Brand new re-master from original US master tape.

  1. This is the Life –

  2. I’m Glad There Is You

  3. This Is The Life

  4. You’re Gonna Hear From Me

  5. I’ll Take Romance

  6. Strangers In The Night

  7. On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever)   

  8. Sweet Lorraine

  9. My Best Girl

  10. On A Wonderful Day Like Today  

  11. Merci Cherie

  12. Honey On The Vine

Here’s To My Lady (1966) – Available in Stereo for the first time digitally. Brand new re-master from original US master tape.

  1. When Joanna Loved Me

  2. Real Live Girl

  3. When Sunny Gets Blue

  4. Laura

  5. People

  6. Here’s To My Lady

  7. The Good Life

  8. You’ve Got Possibilities

  9. Rain Sometimes

  10. Sweet Talkin’ Hannah

  11. Nina Never Knew

Invitation To The Movies (1967) – Brand new remaster from UK and US Stereo master tapes

  1. Alfie

  2. Georgy Girl

  3. Theme From “The Sand Pebbles”

  4. A Time For Love

  5. I Will Wait For You

  6. Moment To Moment

  7. Born Free

  8. In The Arms Of Love

  9. Wednesday’s Child

  10. A Man And A Woman

  11. Strangers In The Night

These Years (1967) –  Brand new remaster from Stereo US master tapes

  1. There’s A Kind Of Hush (All Over The World)

  2. Release Me

  3. Don’t Sleep In The Subway

  4. What To Do?

  5. The Happening

  6. These Years

  7. You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me

  8. Music To Watch Girls By

  9. Here, There And Everywhere

  10. Spanish Eyes

  11. Nobody Cares For Me

Invitation to Broadway (1968) –  Brand new remaster from Stereo US master tapes

  1. Look For Small Pleasures

  2. Stranger In Paradise

  3. The Impossible Dream

  4. The Apple Tree

  5. I’ll Only Miss Her When I Think Of Her

  6. Come Back To Me

  7. Hello Dolly!

  8. Sunrise Sunset

  9. Walking Happy

  10. If She Walked Into My Life

  11. Put On A Happy Face

The Late Late Show (1968) –  Brand new remaster from Stereo US master tapes

  1. If She Should Come To You

  2. When I Fall In Love

  3. Maria

  4. Hello Young Lovers

  5. September Song

  6. Time After Time

  7. This Is All I Ask

  8. I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face

  9. Days Of Wine And Roses

  10. The Shadow Of Your Smile

  11. Autumn Leaves (Les Feuilles Mortes)

  12. The Party’s Over

Todo Pasara (1968) – Brand new remaster taken from the 1st generation mixdown masters for the first time ever.

  1. Alguien Canto (The Music Played)

  2. Que Tiempo Tan Feliz (Those Were The Days)

  3. Lo Que Quedo (All That Remains)

  4. No Puedo Quitar Mis Ojos De Ti (Can’t Take My Eyes Off You)

  5. Todo Pasara (Everything Will Happen)

  6. Vete Por Favor (Walk Away)

  7. Nacida Libre (Born Free)

  8. La Montaña

  9. No Me Dejes (If You Go Away)

  10. Amandote Otra Vez (Lovin’ You Again)

  11. Si Tu Te Vas (If You Go)

  12. La Perla Y El Rubi (The Ruby And The Pearl)

En Espana (1970) – Brand new remaster taken from the 1st generation mixdown masters for the first time ever.  La Estrella Del Sur Mixed to Stereo for the first time and Dónde Hallarse? Has been re-mixed due to damage to the master tape. Newly added bonus track ”Ven Mi Amor” also receives it’s first time Stereo mixes

  1. Sueño Imposible (The Impossible Dream)

  2. No Me Pesa, Es Mi Hermano (He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother)

  3. Te Esperaré (I Will Wait For You)

  4. Jean

  5. Si Yo Fuera Carpintero (If I Were A Carpenter)

  6. La Sombra De Tu Sonrisa (The Shadow Of Your Smile)

  7. Dónde Hallarse? (Where In The World)

  8. En Días Como Estos (On Days Like These)

  9. Los Dos (Two People)

  10. Puedo Ser Feliz (You’ve Made Me So Very Happy)

  11. Qué Tonto Fui

  12. La Estrella Del Sur (The Southern Star)

All eight albums were re-mastered completely in high resolution audio by Monro archivist Richard Moore.

We’ll post more information on the remaining 4 sets as soon as the release date is confirmed.

Michele’s current itinerary is below:-

Celebrity Silhouette – 30 July – 13 August 2022

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Celebrity Silhouette – 19 – 30 September 2022

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That’s about all for now. Michele should be back next month for her usual bulletin (hopefully on time!)

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