March 2021

As you may well have noticed we have a brand-new website. This is a work in progress, but it replaces a site that was well overdue an update to modern standards. It will take a while to rebuild.

Keep an eye out on our YouTube channel. New Videos coming soon. First up will be clips from an ITV show called “The Big Show” in the UK and “Showtime” elsewhere. These clips have appeared on DVD before, but in Black & White from a film print. The new versions are in Colour from US tapes Separate cameras were used for the Colour version compared to the Black & White, so they will look a bit different!

You can find the Official Matt Monro youtube Channel HERE

Michele is unfortunately unwell at the moment,so this is Richard writing this and why it’s so short, but hopefully she will be back up and about soon.

Any new visitors to the site please feel free to look around and if you would like to join the forum please drop a note to rather than to Michele.

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December 2020

Last month was so busy with radio and press interviews to promote the new audio documentary that I hardly had time to breathe but in two weeks’ time my press obligations will come to an end and life can go back to some kind of normal. Dad had some great press including a great 5-page spread in issue 48 of Vintage Rock. While at first the title might throw you, Vintage Rock is the world’s best rock’n’roll magazine covering the music, artists, lifestyle and culture of the Golden Era from early 50’s to mid-60’s, the magazine also brings you bang up-to-date with current releases, tours and revivals of classic artists and those paying homage to our heroes. Dad is even featured on the cover. If any of you want to get the new issue you can grab it in WH Smiths and independent newsagents or online at

Download Here

As you know last year Richard and I submitted a project to BBC National Radio and after several selection stages over three months, in December 2019, we were turned down because the BBC said they had already commissioned a documentary on Matt Monro for the 90th anniversary. Richard and I were floored.

Undeterred Richard and I forged ahead to make the special programme to celebrate not only the anniversary but dad’s life’s work. We started in earnest in January this year and Richard quite literally spent 6 months listening to every interview dad had ever done that the Estate held so that we could work out where the specific stories were that would piece this incredible project together. Originally it was only to be 3 hours but there was just so much material to put in that we extended it to an extra hour. I wrote the script and laid down the commentary and then poor Richard had the unenviable task of editing it to run to exactly 57 minutes per episode.

Richard had the idea of launching an official Matt Monro YouTube page so that all official music and videos can be found in one place so we started broadcasting the episodes weekly starting on 10th November, then 17th- and 24th of the month with the last episode being aired on dad’s actual birthday 1st December. It is also available on Mixcloud for those that prefer that media.

In these uncertain times, visitors cannot visit their loved ones in hospital, so with this in mind, many hospital and community radio stations have been sent the show free of charge. We have always supported HRB and they us so it seemed fitting that we included them in our birthday celebration.

The official channel is

I am delighted to announce a new partnership with Aviator Management. Based near the famous Reeperbahn strip in Hamburg, Germany, where the Beatles started off, Aviator Management has partnered with some of the greatest artists in the modern era. From Mark Knopfler to Bob Marley, from Herbert von Karajan to Live Aid, from Scorpions to Elvis Costello, from Glenn Gould to While She Sleeps, Aviator is trusted by some of the most prestigious acts of all time.

Aviator is the world leader in the location and enforcement of audio-visual rights and is the fast solution to deliver and monetize audio-visual premium digital products. Aviator sources, clears and releases digital premium content and creates complete VOD catalogues for its artists and clients.

In short to means they will scour the archives of the world to find any existing clips of Matt Monro that can then be put on the official YouTube channel. Richard and I already know about a German television show that dad did so we can’t wait to view it and be able to share it with you. Most importantly they will take down all the unofficial footage that seems to make its way onto YouTube without my permission. That means more product and better quality for all the fans. I am very much looking forward to forging ahead in the new year.

So, what is included in the audio documentary?

Matt Monro – The Boy from Shoreditch (4 x 1hr episodes)

Mint & Monro Productions

(a co-production by Mint Audio and the Matt Monro Estate)

The programmes are written and narrated by Matt’s daughter and biographer Michele Monro and features an intimate portrait of the man behind the voice, drawing on previously un-broadcast interviews, extremely rare recordings previously thought lost, interviews with his family and friends and messages from some of his more famous fans.  

Matt tells his own story where possible, drawn from around a hundred hours of interviews between 1962 and 1984.

With contributions from Matt’s siblings, Alice & Harry Parsons, his wife Mickie, his son Matt Monro Jnr and some of Matt’s famous friends and fans

Quincy Jones, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Martin, Anton Du Beck, Cliff Richard, Dave Allen, Bruce Forsyth, June Marlow, Billy May, Rosemary Squires, Tony Christie, Helen Shapiro, David Hamilton, Bob Monkhouse, Frankie Vaughan, Buddy Greco, Tony Bennett, Johnnie Mathis, Bernie Clifton, Duncan Norvelle, Lance Ellington, Bobby Crush, Joe Mantegna, Barry Cryer and many others associated with the late singer.

The series draws on the estate’s extensive archive of rare material featuring:  

·         Never before broadcast appearances on radio in Hong Kong whilst in the army along with his first recordings
·         Previously thought lost performances from the BBC Showband Show, Lunchbox, 1964 Song for Europe, Parade of the Pops, 1966 Royal Command Performance and more
·         Audio from lost TV appearances including, Cilla, Val Doonican and Petula Clark
·         Rare and unheard live recordings, demos and jingles.
·         Recording session clips and more
The series of course also features many of his most famous recordings

The script was written and presented by Michele Monro and complied and produced by Richard Moore.

Episode summery

Episode 1 – From his birth to early fame including the army years, Early recording and radio career and first steps to fame.

Episode 2 – His first hit, Portrait of my Love and working with George Martin, through to Eurovision and Lennon and McCartney.

Episode 3 – Signing with Capitol and worldwide fame, through to his South African tour and making a movie.

Episode 4 – His split with Capitol, later career and final illness. Also features his legacy and messages from famous fans.

So, onto other news………………

Sue Merchant has worked tirelessly to get a Blue Heritage Plaque unveiled but because of Covid-19 the unveiling had to be delayed in April but I was thrilled when I heard the award would be granted for dad’s birthday but then came a second lockdown. Not to worry just because it can’t officially be put on the property on that day, we will be given another date and I will let you know as soon as I have had confirmation.  I and all the fans thank her for her dedication in making this happen.

London’s famous Blue Plaques link the people of the past with the buildings of the present. Now run by English Heritage, the London Blue Plaques scheme was started in 1866 and is thought to be the oldest of its kind in the world.

The site will be in Ewell at 14 Ruxley Lane where dad lived from 1961 until 1965 and the present owner of the house Mr. Sheriff is very happy for the plaque to be put up on the front of the property.

The new album Stranger in Paradise: The Lost New York Sessions was released on 13 March 2020 and stayed in the charts an impressive 28 weeks. It still surprises me how many people leave messages on the various media sites and don’t know it’s out!! So, with Christmas looming, please pick up a few copies to give to your friends and loved ones as a stocking filler, you can’t go wrong for £5.00 which is what the supermarkets are selling them for.

Being a special year, I designed something exclusively, the abridged audio of my book: “The Singer’s Singer: The Life and Music of Matt Monro” on a USB stick.

I like to think that I design my merchandise with style and this time round is no different. Bound in leather and offered in a gorgeous presentation box with a magnetic clasp I am thrilled with the outcome. “Words & Music’ includes the equivalent of 3 CD discs that make up the audio book, 9 music tracks (Babycham jingle, Camay jingle, California Here I Come, Dreamdust, Lazy River, Pennies From Heaven, Star Eyes, The Nearness of You, You’re Driving Me Crazy) and 2 video clips (Born Free, My Kind of Girl)..

 Because of its popularity and demand I plan to make this available for the whole of 2021 so if you would like one then please use the link below. They retail at £12.99 plus postage.

Would you believe the 27th January marked 10 years since the book launch of “The Singer’s Singer: The Life and Music of Matt Monro”? That is incredible and I have to admit to being really proud that so many of you were interested in learning about the man behind the voice.

What is so unbelievable is that the book is still selling by the box full. I kind of feel everyone in England must have bought a copy by now, lol. Each year I assume that demand would have diminished but I have been proven wrong several times over so if you need an extra stocking filler…….

I have changed the name of my new book and it has gone to print but because of the uncertainties in the world and cruising, now is not the right time to publish it, so I have decided to wait until the cruising markets returns, albeit it in a different form.

Have a fabulous month and I hope that those that managed to get the album are enjoying it and for those that haven’t got it yet, put your pre-order request in now as it makes a fabulous stocking filler. If you are loving the album please leave a review on amazon. Richard and I will see you in February but in the meantime, here’s wishing everyone a happy, healthy and peaceful Christmas and I hope 2021 is a little bit like the old ‘normal’.

Stay safe.

Michele xxxx

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