June 2021

Hello all – Richard back once more! –

Michele is much better, but has found it difficult to spend much time in the office and has left this to me once more – With a bit of luck she will be back next month.

Website wise I now have the discography complete. You will notice that this is much more comprehensive than the old website, it is fully illustrated and contains tracklists and links to ‘making of’ articles and other relevant links.  This doesn’t include every single release as this would take hundreds of pages to achieve, but includes all original and important releases and covers the original release of every track.

The couple of projects i’ve been working on and have mentioned in previous months, I still can’t say much about at the moment.

The streaming/download project is STILL waiting for legal clearance. I can’t wait to tell you more about it.

The discussions with another company about a Matt Monro project is moving ahead but waiting on rights agreements – which can be quick or ridiculously slow! (You can bet with our usual luck that it will be the latter).

Don’t forget to check out the new Weekly videos on the official Matt Monro YouTube Channel. At the moment we are posting songs from Matt’s BBC Special “Matt Sings Monro”

You can find the Official Matt Monro YouTube Channel HERE 

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Any new visitors to the site please feel free to look around and if you would like to join the forum please drop a note to rather than to Michele.

All the best


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