Rough Guide
To Using The Site

The first stop is our "Welcome Page”. It is a bit like a magazine cover, it tells you who our “Guest of the Month” is and what album we are featuring in “CD of the Month”.  It is also the area for accessing my brother’s webpage, “Matt Monro Jnr.” And the link to take you to our brand new “Web Store” We also have the "Matt on TV" section, with full listings of Matt's appearances on television worldwide? I wonder how many of you have downloaded the free screensaver, or clicked one of our sponsor buttons or subscribed to the EMI & Virgin "Newsletter".  It also features news on our first Fan Club Meet, “Fans Reunited”. There is a wealth of information just on that first page and it also includes my e-mail details if anyone wants to contact me.

On the right of the home page is a lit of headers which take you to other areas. The first button takes you to our “News” page, which is updated on the first day of each month and features all the gossip. If you continue to scroll down after the news text, you will find access to a wealth of other areas. At the time of writing these are how the items are listed although the order of the headings can change over the months, as they are updated. It is also possible to access these areas from other places on the site but they are listed here for your convenience.

“Fans Reunited”: full of information and pictures from our last event.
“In the Pipeline”: an area dedicated to what is happening in the near future
“Competitions”: an array of teasers and prizes for those that like challenges.
“Polling Booth” a chance for you to give your opinion
“Give Someone You Love”: ringtones and wallpapers downloads for mobiles
The Definitive Track List”: every track that Matt recorded and what it appears on.
“Matt’s Video Experience”: a selection of Matt Monro video snippets.
“Uploading Your Photographs”: step-by-step tutorial to uploading your snaps
“Scrapbook”: an area brimming with photographs and memorabilia.
“Friends of Matt Monro”: full details on the Official Matt Monro Fan Club
“Guest Book”: sign in and leave your comments.
“Guest Map”: an area that highlights where you are in the world.
“Mailing List Registration”: don’t miss any important news by joining our mailing list
“Tell a Friend”: Let someone else you know our website details.
“Front Page”: a selection of headlines and press cuttings.
“Lyric Book”: full of Matt Monro lyrics and unreleased photographs.
“A Personal Tribute” a message from the National Society for Children and Family Contact.
“James Bond”: a summary of the program, which aired on Channel 4.
“Cliff Richard”: article on “Two’s Company, Cliff’s album that featured Matt.
“Heart of the Man”: information on this rare release by Night Owl Music.
“The Man with the Golden Voice”: specialized documentary from the BBC

The second button features our “Multimedia” section, this contains:
"Matt's Jukebox" - snippets of over 20 tracks.
"Ad Break" features 3 commercials starring both Matt Monro and Matt Jnr.
"Gallery", this area is full of Matt's pictures
"Front Page", an area full of press cuttings.
"Ringtones", download a ringtone or wallpaper to your mobile phone?

“Spotlight On” features a special guest each month.

“CD of the Month” highlights track listings and reviews from a particular album each month.

The next button on the right takes you to “Member’s Lounge”, this areas is two-fold. Firstly if you highlight the Member’s Lounge button, three other areas will appear.

“Message Board”: our Member’s Forum, full of great postings and lively discussions.

To join our Forum: click the “Register” button at the top of the page; click the terms and conditions option, which appear. Fill in your registration information including a user name and password. Click submit and that’s it. You will receive activation notice as soon as your details are acknowledged and you can start adding your comments. Please note none of your details are passed onto third parties.

Within the "Message Board" we have a technical help area? Did you know we have our very own genius web guy "Murph" who is waiting for your e-mails to help with attaching photos or downloads on

“Polling Booth” features mini polls, which influence decisions made by EMI and myself

“Mail to a Friend” is a form, which you can send to your friends highlighting the website’s details.

If instead of going to the sub-headings you actually click the “Member’s Lounge” button, it will take you to:

"Scrapbook": a great collection of photos and memorabilia of Matt Monro, which have been uploaded by our very own members.
"Guest Map", a fun place to pin your location and message to our map of the world.
"Polling Booth", features mini polls which influence decisions made by EMI and myself.
"Mail to a Friend", is a form which you can send to your friends highlighting the website details.
"On-Line Contact Form", for adding your details to the website’s mailing list.

The right hand buttons will now give you access to;

“Biography” an abridged biography of the singer's life
“Discography”, this area shows a page full of album covers. Did you know there is a click through at the top of the page that takes you to full listings of all of Matt's recordings?
“Songbook”, this area is divided into an English and Spanish Songbook featuring Matt Monro’s entire lyric catalogue.
“Officially Yours”, an area of merchandise for the Singer's Singer.
“Links”, this area is principally for sites that we recommend and have an affiliation with?

That completes the grand tour; please take time out to visit a few of the areas, there is a wealth of interesting information at your fingertips.  I have created a new section in the Forum about the “Site Areas” and I would be grateful if you could add your comments.